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firing chinese decals

updated tue 5 aug 08


Donna J.S. Causland on mon 4 aug 08

Huge Thank you to Fredrick Paget for the
info on using Itoya O'Glue to adhere the clear
backing overglaze decals from China.

For those interested, here are my test results:
O'glue is a musilage type glue so I tried some from the craft
store as well (the amber colored stuff in the 1950's looking bottle)
and they both worked the same.
It worked equally as well if I put the glue on the back of the decal=20
or on the glazed area of the pot. (then squeegeed)
I fired up slowly, well ventillated, to cone 020.

The only one that didn't work was the decal on a pale bluish tint film.

And Thank you Clayart,
What would we do without you,