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question - cleaning kiln shelves

updated fri 1 aug 08


William & Susan Schran User on tue 29 jul 08

On 7/29/08 1:53 PM, "Lou Roess" wrote:

> I recently bought an angle grinder for cleaning my kiln shelves. Is
> there a certain type of disc that's best for getting kiln wash off
> the shelves without gouging or harming the shelves?
A masonry disk should work fine.
You must slowly and lightly contact the surface of the shelf.
The disk can cut easily into a cordierite shelf if you don't take care.
> Also, I had to really gouge a hole in one shelf to get all the
> dripped glaze off. Should I fill the hole with something to make
> the shelf stronger or just be sure to use it as a top shelf and not
> load it heavily? I thought of turning it over and using it for a
> bottom shelf in order to get a smooth surface but I'm wondering if
> it would be strong enough.
You can flip over the shelf to get the flat surface.
Use it for bottom or any other placement.


William "Bill" Schran

Earl Krueger on wed 30 jul 08

I use an angle grinder with one of the rubber
cups as backing for coarse sandpaper. As
opposed to a hard wheel this will lay flat on
the surface of the shelf and not gouge as
easily. And it does a good job of removing
glaze drips as well as kiln wash.

Earl Krueger
Elmira, OR, usa