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oven safe fyi

updated wed 30 jul 08


Ingeborg Foco on tue 29 jul 08

Hi all,

The discussion on whether our clay made items are functional and safe for
oven use has been interesting. I have the "Use & Care" sheet from Pyrex
pinned up on a wall in my gallery for people to read and realize that
nothing is indestructible and a little common sense goes a long way. The
Pyrex directions for use and care are not a whole lot different than my "use
and care instructions " which I enclose with each sale.

The following is copied and pasted from the official Pyrex web site:

Any glass bakeware product can break if it is not used properly. For that
reason, we want to remind consumers to review the PYREX(R) Safety and Usage
Instructions provided with our products. While not a substitute for
reviewing the entire Safety and Usage Instructions, set forth below are
selected highlights.


- NEVER use on top of the stove, under a broiler, in a toaster oven, or
place over oven vent or pilot light.
- AVOID severe hot to cold temperature changes, including:
- DO NOT add liquid to hot dish
- DO NOT place hot dish or glass cover in sink
- DO NOT immerse hot dish in water
- DO NOT place hot dish on cold or wet surfaces
- Handle hot ovenware and glass covers with dry potholders
- ALWAYS add a small amount of liquid to the vessel prior to baking foods
that release liquids while cooking.
- DO NOT overheat oil or butter in microwave. Use minimum amount of
cooking time.
- DO NOT use or repair any item that is chipped, cracked or scratched.


- To loosen baked-on-food, allow glass to cool, then soak.
- If scouring is necessary, use only plastic or nylon cleaning pads with
nonabrasive cleansers.

WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions can cause immediate or later
breakage which can result in personal injury or property damage.
Complete Safety and Usage Instructions

Best wishes,