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updated thu 27 nov 97


Jonathan Kaplan on wed 26 nov 97

Here's my spin on the current ethics thread....

In my own work and the work I do for many clients (potters, artists,
designers, giftware companies etc) I bring the same level of craftsmanship
and integrity that I have always brought to my workplace. I don't sell
cracked, warped, or otherwise blemished work as first quality work. These
are seconds and are destined for my bi-annual sale at greatly reduced price
or the dumpster. I think its a matter of comfort in that I ask or I demand
from myself the best, and I would not want blemished work with my name or
my company name on it.

This may not be a way of working that others ascribe to and I think that's
ok also. Its all in a way of working that meets one's level of comfort.

It may be enlightening to see other work of dubious "seconds" quality" that
I have seen in the marketplace shown and sold as "firsts." I am sure this
we have all seen.

Its a tough call though, considering the nature of the process as well as
the nature of the materials with which we work. I like to think that my
work, my reputation, my involvement in ceramics for these many years means
something to me as well as (hopefully), to others including collectors of
my work, store owners, and retail buyers. My art pieces that sale for
hundreds of dollars as well as my tableware and production work that sells
for alot less each deserve the same degree of attention, respect,
involvement, and consideration that I think I deserve and my work deserves.

In pricing work, we try to alot a certain factor in computing our costs for
seconds, and this then is reflected in the costs of the first quality ware.


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