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crazing hazards. verification

updated sun 27 jul 08


Ivor and Olive Lewis on sat 26 jul 08

Yes, I ping my pots.
Almost twenty years ago, after a two week workshop with Greg Daly, I
abandoned the recipe books and the guiding recipes in the
documentation Greg gave us and returned to first principles.
I was determined to have pots that did not craze of shatter on the
commercial clay bodies at my disposal.
I am an advocate of Designing glazes. A glaze should be designed for a
task. That might be a utilitarian or an aesthetic purpose. But it will
not be a ready made recipe that has to be "Tweaked and Twiddled" to
prevent or cure some particular fault.
Yes, I have a copy of Greg's book. But I use it for his principles and
philosophy, not his recipes.