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fwd: re: help me with correct spelling -- jurored or juried?

updated thu 24 jul 08


Fredrick Paget on tue 22 jul 08

>Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 10:45:34 -0700
>From: Fredrick Paget
>Subject: Re: Help me with correct spelling -- jurored or juried?

>>TIA Bonita in Co-o-o-l-d foggy san francisco.....brrrrr.

Hi Bonita,
My wife who is the family proofreader and editor says jurored is
wrong and it is not in the Oxford Dictionary (yet). Wife says it
sounds like a singular form and might be used to indicate that only
one person was the "jury".

On the other hand I googled "jurored" and got about 7000 instances of
it being used, so I guess it is up to you if you want to go with the
flow or stay conservative.
The dictionaries add new words all the time and perhaps they will add
this in the future.
Fred Paget
Twin Dragon Studio
Mill Valley, CA, USA

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