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fw: diy chattering tool?

updated thu 17 jul 08


Pottery by John on wed 16 jul 08

Resending, but since Paul has already made his Tobikanna and it works, =
this may be late. However, now he will know what to call it and be able =
to compare it to others.

John Lowes

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From: "Paul Borian"=20
Subject: DIY chattering tool?

One of my glazes looks really interesting when applied to pots that got
chattered during the trimming process.=20


I am not sure of the spelling, but the tool you are thinking of is =
called a Tobikanna, and is Japanese in origin. Gary Sondahl has an =
article about making one here =

If you don't want to make one try this link for info on purchasing one =
ready to go. = and =
on how to use one =

I hope this helps you out.

John Lowes
Sandy Springs, GA