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malcolm davis class at shakerag workshops

updated wed 16 jul 08


Claire Reishman on tue 15 jul 08

Last month we had a fabulous class with Malcolm Davis at Shakerag=
Workshops in Sewanee TN. From our Sunday afternoon beginning to=
Friday night's final unloading, the class was just super. We ha=
d two firings within the one-week session, and both turned out be=
autifully - gorgeous carbon trapping throughout the kiln. None o=
f us in the class had ever tried working with shinos in this way,=
and it was exciting to see the results of different glaze applic=
ations and learn about a new way of firing. Malcolm will be teac=
hing at La Meridiana in Tuscany this fall - if you can possibly g=
o, you should look into joining that program, since he is a fabul=
ous teacher. Claire Reishman, in Sewanee TN.