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japanese apprentice

updated wed 26 nov 97


Dave Pike on tue 25 nov 97

Hello everyone,

I'm writing this for my friend. Please direct any reply to me personally.
Japanese man is looking for a short term internship anywhere in North
has apprenticed 2 1/5 years with a ceramicist here in Kyoto who fires
nanban(unglazed stoneware), kobiki(white underglaze) kimachi(iron
saturated glaze), etc. also assisted in the building or remodeling of
one glaze kiln and one jagama(snake kiln). wants to gain exposure to any
and all aspects of the the North American ceramic scene, one person
operation or larger, show or production. One main goal is to improve his
English. Time frame is next year around June/July, with a length of 1 to
two months.
Dave Pike