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safety in the arts

updated mon 23 feb 04


Gaydos, Frank on mon 24 nov 97

Hello Clayarters,

I noticed a lot of concern with safety and health issues in the
listserve. I would like to recommend the newsletter,'Art Hazards News'
produced by the Center for Safety in the Arts, out of New York City.
It is published four times a year and covers the
hazards,precautions,goverment regulations,lawsuits,and other topics
related to hazards in the visual and performing arts,museums,and school
arts programs. The cost is $24.00 for a 1 year subscription. I urge all
to check out the homepage, it's full of valuable information.

Frank in Philly

Center for Safety in the Arts
Mail Box 310
2124 Broadway
New York, NY 10023


Ron Roy on sun 22 feb 04

A few headlines from Monona's January news letter that some may find

Welder wins verdict in case linking Manganese fumes to Parkinsonism.

Barium X-ray solutions (contaminated with soluble Barium compounds) kill 15
in Brazil.

Vassar fined for violating EPA waste regulations.

Nickel causes 12% of British contact Dermatitis cases.

No need to panic - just understand the materials you are using so you can
limit your exposures or at least know what to expect if you are over


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