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workshops, seminars and fees

updated fri 4 jul 08


Allyson May on thu 3 jul 08

Hey Chaeli,

I present workshops here at my home studio as well as at art centers. =
The rate for my home studio 2 day workshop is $175.00. For that price =
they get:
a.. 2 techniques with all materials provided except bisqueware and =
saggars(saggar, naked raku, black-fire, horse hair/ferric chloride)=20
b.. Lecture/demo=20
c.. workshop manual (recipes for clay, glazes, slips, description of =
all techniques, local suppliers, trouble shooting guide...everything I =
know including my tricks.)=20
d.. Glazing/decorating=20
e.. Firing (at least 3 pieces in each technique)=20
f.. Evaluation/critique=20
g.. Lunch both days
For 3 techniques the price goes to $200.00.
Workshops presented at art centers are $550/day with all travel, lodging =
and materials/equipment paid by the center. I think I'm probably on the =
low side pricewise so see what you get from others on the list.

Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, IN=20