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cone 10 question

updated thu 19 jun 08


Deborah Thuman on wed 18 jun 08

Can a ^10 body be fired to ^6 with ^6 glaze. I'll take a shot at this

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. I did a semester of ^10
bisque fired to ^04 and then used underglazes and ^04 clear and glaze
fired to ^04. I got interesting colors - but I also got pieces that
are for decorative purposes only. It was an interesting experiment,
but I've never done it a second time.

If you're making anything that is remotely functional, I'd suggest
using a ^6 body with the ^6 glazes. That way, you get a piece that's
fully vitrified and can be made to hold liquids.

Personally, I find my work is best served when I match the glaze to
the clay body.

One way to find out what would happen is to do test tiles. When I'm
not sure if a glaze will run all over the kiln (I do so dislike
scraping shelves), I make a shallow pinch pot, put an upright piece of
clay in the middle of the pinch pot, and glaze. If the glaze stays
put, great. If it runs like Jesse Owens, I don't have to scrape
shelves. Plus, if your experiment turns out to be a dud, you've only
used a little clay and a little glaze.

BTW - I've used the Coyote ^6 glazes in both oxidation and reduction.
Some of the glazes are the same in either, some do funky things in
reduction. I've liked the results of both.

Deb Thuman