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studio equipment sale by linda blossom

updated sun 15 jun 08


Bonnie Hellman on sat 14 jun 08

I am posting this email from Linda Blossom at her request. For more =
information, prices, etc., please contact Linda. I have no more =
information than she posted here. Her information is at the end of this =


I am finally ready to sell my studio equipment. I am still in DC and =
working for a union in their research library. I don't think my clay =
days are behind me but architectural work is and I simply won't have a =
place for the equipment and supplies. Here is a list of what I have =
and where it is. I don't have all the prices figured out yet, but if =
there is something you are interested in, please email me. I know there =
is more there than I have listed here and hopefully when I know better =
what is happening, I can come to NY and deal with it personally. =
Meanwhile, this is a heads up on part of what I will be selling. =20

In the DC area, these things are here:

Beam central vacuum
stains - at least 60 Mason stains and some Degussa. Many colors and =
most 1 lb.
sculpture stand
large turntables for making large objects - 3
a few rod tile setters from Laguna (rest in NY)
In Ithaca, NY, I am in Dc typing this from memory so I can't go and =
check for names and measure things:

Axner Super Kiln - the largest one, coated with ITC, more than enough =
shelves and posts. Fired less than 100 times.

12 x 24 shelves for the gas kiln - I don't have a count but there are =
quite a few.

a few wider and a few narrower shelves as well, probably 8" and 15"

Bailey 40" electric slab roller - the original with the large rollers =
which does well with thick slabs.

Georgini tile press

Bailey pneumatic extruder with cut off shelf, wall stand, and expansion =
box, 4" barrel, dies for both barrels.

Lots of 2x 4 shelving that uses shelf links for assembly

Spray booth - I don't remember the brand (something with the word creek =
in it)- it came from Axner, has a squirrel cage motor and was $500 new. =
It is close to 4' wide.

10" MK tile saw and stand. This was at least $900 new and has light =

diamond blade bandsaw for cutting tile and glass on the curve especially =
mosaics. It was at least $500 new. Diamond Tech maybe is the brand. =20

hvlp Titan sprayer and turbine.

rod tile setterss from Laguna

7" stackable tile setters

8" stackable tile setters

shelf like tile setters - the square boxes with shelves that you =
insert. I think there are 5-6 of these. They have single, 7" shelves.

glaze and clay chemicals that I just don't know what they all are from =
here - they are in NY

Peter Pugger - non deairing pugmill - the largest one which runs about =
$5740 right now. It has had very light duty. It is the PM-100 which =
handles up to 250 lbs. People have expressed an interest in this. I =
would probably look to get $3000 for it.

EZ UP tent

forms for making pedestals

lots of small miscellaneous tools like the hacksaw with piano wire for a =

Not clay but I will probably sell my Honda 450 Rebel. I have no place =
to put it under cover here so bringing it to DC doesn't look possible. =
I don't know that I will be here forever, but it is home for now.

I also have a relatively new invisible fence unit and at least 3 =

Linda Blossom
email: lindajblossom at
phone: 607-280-5454