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pix from my show

updated wed 11 jun 08


Kelly Savino on tue 10 jun 08

I have now put up almost 100 thumbnails (clickable) at the link at

The quality of the images is sadly variable -- I think because a) Jeff
got me a new digital camera as a grad gift and I haven't mastered it,
and b) each gallery spot/flood/etc. light had its own color. Some pix
are oddly yellow.

When I get page three done -- some time in the next few days -- I will
go back and caption each pot, maybe put the sold dots on the sold ones.
(Logan, all the flasks and ewers are $36.)

But the salty pots at the bottom of page two are the reason I want to
build a soda kiln...

Kelly in Ohio
sick of this computer, and it finally stopped raining so I'm going
outside to play!