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kelly's soda/salt kiln

updated wed 11 jun 08


Overall's on tue 10 jun 08


I've been studying also what type of atmospheric kiln to build.

From my thinking (not expert knowledge);

Budget Amount without Debt
1. determine fuel(s) first
2. determine kiln shelves' size, construction material & cost
3. what is the largest piece you aspire to make within the next five years
4. maximum cone temp

In my case I know:

Available budget subtracting:
1. gas plumbing (wood is but a dream at this stage except for Fast Fire)
2. 14 x 28's (are standard and budgeting for Advancers) w/a few extra
Advancer® shelves in sizes: (
12" X 24" X 5/16"
14" X 28" X 5/16" (within my electric kiln's capacity)
12" X 12" X 5/16"

3. 36" height (ample enough stacking space interior)
4. cone ten with allowance without meltdowns
5. If something exceeds budget, either save up more $$$ or
alter to stay within budget - prefer former than latter.


1. cube for efficiency and ease of construction with arch
2. downdraft for overall fuel economy, evenness in temp & reduction.
3. High alumina (65-70%?) hardbricks backed by maybe a high
alumina castable instead of fiber and then IFB?

From this the experts take over:

Fred Olsen
Nils Lou
Mel Jacobson
Vince Pitelka
Jack Troy
Ian Gregory
Ruthanne Tudball
Phil Rogers
Marc Ward
local experienced potters/instructors
and scores of others.

Of course this is just in my head and may need a lot of consulting
with the pros before anything progresses from the pencil & paper stage.

You'll come up with a very personalized kiln that we'll all enjoy
reading about and seeing its progress.

I love your Beetle Bowl and Dwellings wall Masks.

Seemed like only a year ago you were cleaning out the yard and
studio in preparation to attend EMU. That went so fast!

I also like Patrick's kiln design and wonder how it's firing.

Kim in Houston