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firing the kiln. help needed.

updated tue 25 nov 97


TMartens on sun 23 nov 97

I wish I could fire the kiln for insubordination! Firing it the other
way would be nice too.
It is an electric. Right now, just before an important market with
lots of ware to fire, I cannot get it to go above 800C.
The elements appear to be intact and not oxidised.
The wiring is connecting everywhere, I get a good reading on
my amp/ohm meter. All circuits are reading complete, but the top
three elements are not heating up.
If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate them
Toni M in Durban, blue skies and sunshine. Low humidity today so at
least something to smile about.

Don Prey on mon 24 nov 97

If the top three elements are not heating, then all circuits are not
Are you sure you checked the switches?

Don Prey in Oregon