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etsy and shipping

updated tue 10 jun 08


D Barnese on mon 9 jun 08

I have a shop on Etsy and do all of my shipping from home.

I get free Priority mail boxes from the post office, delivered in bundles of
10 or 25 boxes. Then I use Paypal or USPS Click-n-ship to order, pay for and
print the shipping label, and either drop it off at the post office, or have
my carrier pick it up. It is easy and convenient!

I find that the Priority mail boxes are great for most orders. They have a
perfect mug-sized box and the larger box will fit a couple of soup/salad
bowls with plenty of packing cushion all around. Just go to, click on "Business" then go to the bottom right-hand
corner for free shipping supplies.

Of course I had to invest in a digital postal scale, which I also use for
weighing out balls of clay. :-)

Dina Barnese
Zizziba Studio
Flagstaff, Arizona