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kelly's mfa show

updated fri 6 jun 08


Overall's on fri 6 jun 08


"My" favorite pieces from your new and improved website are:

#1. Beetle bowl (shino and copper! w/excellent drawing!)
#2. Dwellings (Jeff & your face masks in thought - great visual/conceptual)

Looking forward to seeing more images when time allows.

Kim in Houston

quick note: mfa show
Posted by: "Kelly Savino" primalmommy@MAIL2OHIO.COM
Date: Fri Jun 6, 2008 8:37 am ((PDT))

I have to go to bed because Molly and I (and three vanloads of girls)
leave for the girl scout camporee in Hershey, PA, tomorrow morning at

I defended my thesis Monday, had my reception Monday night. Despite the
fact that plant ops had the heat on and it was hot outside and in, it
went really well. My family came -- parents, brother&wife, my hubby and
kids. Several of my students from the Toledo Potters Guild came, and
several guild members as well. A few Toledo non-potter friends. I was
truly honored that they would spend $4 a gallon to come and see my

Grad students I have come to know these last two years, and many or my
professors, came to drink non-alcoholic champagne and eat the great
my mom and hubby set up... maybe 50 people all together?

I sold almost 50 pots, about half of what was on display in the 1000
square foot gallery (and the cases in the lobby where the food was.)

I then spent tuesday, wednesday and thursday sitting in a cool, quiet,
white and mercifully air conditioned gallery, just reflecting mostly on
what all this means. I'll write it out later when I have time and can
think straight.

Right now the tent is packed and my hours of sleep are numbered. I did
manage to take pictures of every pot in the show, and the first 20 or
(in order, from the entry door around the first part of the gallery)
posted in a link on my website. The rest will go up next week.

Kelly in Ohio
still processing