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glazes test for oil spot candace black ^6 ox.

updated thu 5 jun 08


Alisa Clausen on wed 4 jun 08

Recipe Name: Oil Spot Candace Black

Cone: 6 Color:
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Oil Spot

Amount Ingredient
65 Feldspar--NC 4
20 Silica
5 Whiting
5 Kaolin--EPK
5 Dolomite
5 Frit--Ferro 3110

105 Total

Unity Oxide
.353 Na2O
.114 K2O
.11 MgO
.423 CaO
1.000 Total

.584 Al2O3
.008 B2O3
.003 Fe2O3

4.896 SiO2
.001 TiO2
0 P2O5

8.4 Ratio
7.2 Exp

Comments: Subbed NC 4 with Forshammer
Frit 3110 with Frit 169

Black, semi mat glaze with both spots and craters where very, very thick.
Application is important and must be thick, but too thick gives shallow
craters. Has an overall Metallic appearance.
cone 10 glaze adapted with Frit to flux at cone 6 (needs more flux to smooth
it out.)

Glaze test for Oil Spot Candace Black ^6 ox. Source: John Britt

Fired on mid fire white stoneware

Firing ramp with an electric controller is:
100c p/h to 600c (212f - 1112f)
150c p/h to 1140c (302f - 2084f)
80c p/h to 1220c (176f - 2228f)
15 min. soak
cool down max. to 900c (1652f)
Hold 30 minutes

Shut off kiln

Colorants or additives to a 100 gram batch are measured in percent to the
100 gram batch.
Standard Substitutions in all tests IF called for in recipe:
Local Boron Frit is used for Frit 3134
Forshammer (a half and half Potash and Soda spar) is the only Feldspar used
Local Boron Frit is used for Gerstley Borate
All substitutions are done not by Mol. Wts., but gram for gram.