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updated mon 2 jun 08


Taylor Hendrix on sun 1 jun 08


After David chimes back in with instructions, take a look in the
archives under "hendley bats" or search David's address and subject
"bats". That should get you many of the posts about his simple system.
Also check out this link for some pics. I do it just a bit different
than David but it all turns out the same. Get it? 'turns out'..hee

I have saved all the big chunks of my old kitchen counter top I just
demoed so that I can make several more Hendley bats. These are not
going to be as free as David's but they will be close. Long live the
bat makers. Bat makers unite. etc.

Taylor, in Rockport TX, excited for Tony but mostly for his students.

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 5:02 AM, Kelly Johnston
> David, this bit particularly caught my eye in your article, as the
> wheels at my pottery club studio don't have pins anyway, and we're
> always on the lookout for simple ways to secure bats to the wheel-
> head. Can you describe these "cleats" to me in any more detail?