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updated mon 2 jun 08


Kelly Johnston on sun 1 jun 08

--- In, David Hendley wrote:

"My batts, which have served me well for more than
twenty years, are Formica sink cutouts, retrieved from
a cabinet shop. They are held on the wheelhead by three
1" X 2" cleats screwed on the bottoms. No matching
up the holes to the pins, no enlarged oval holes that
won't hold tight, no knife to pry the batts off the
wheelhead, and the wheelhead is still easily accessible
when a batt is not needed."

David, this bit particularly caught my eye in your article, as the
wheels at my pottery club studio don't have pins anyway, and we're
always on the lookout for simple ways to secure bats to the wheel-
head. Can you describe these "cleats" to me in any more detail?

Thanks too for your article -- I really appreciated the ethos behind it!

Kelly in Emerald, Qld Australia
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