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rogier donker's book

updated sun 1 jun 08


Overall's on fri 30 may 08


I received your book Of Clay, Glazes and Kilns" yesterday
and read it cover to cover.

It is very well written and informative with key points for
art teachers on ceramics.

If one were not going to teach right away,
it is still a very impressionable read for beginning studio potters.

I especially liked the tips offered from the decades of experience
you shared. My confidence is bolstered to tackle teaching clay
to mini people (children) and teenagers without making a huge mess
and less fear being mindful of time.

Also the tips on kiln maintenance. Everything you wrote about was
explained in perfect detail offering candid insight.

I'm not familiar with Amaco's clays, but no matter,
the knowledge is there should I need to know.

I'm glad your book is in my library now along with all the
other experienced potters. You've definitely made an impressionable
mark on a lot of people's lives.

Are you Dutch by the way?

Kim in Houston

PS: Still waiting for Mel's kilns book/dvd and Tony Clennell's swashbuckler.

Kim Overall
Texas Potters(c)2008