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credit cards now paypal accs

updated thu 29 may 08


David Martin Hershey on mon 26 may 08

Hi Bonnie & All,

It's great to have clayart back!

Re: using a separate bank account for PayPal

There is another very good reason to do this.
It doesn't happen often, but on occasion PayPal
will freeze a bank account.

This happens if they suspect fraud involving the
account, or if someone complains about your business

Even if you are innocent, the account stays frozen
until the complaint is investigated. This has been
known to take weeks...

If all your money is in that account, it could
be a real disaster.

I sweep my PayPal linked bank account any time
it gets over about $500.

Best, DMH

David Martin Hershey
DMH Studio + Design
2629 Manhattan Ave # 137
Hermosa Beach CA USA
studio: 310.379.6890
dmh at dmhstudio dot com

>If you and others are concerned about this, you can set up a dedicated
Paypal bank account, one that you use ONLY for PayPay. Depending on
the bank, perhaps they might even sweep the balance into another
account at the end of each business day for you.<