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ok, mel's sale

updated thu 22 may 08


mel jacobson on tue 20 may 08

here is a post i made a bit back/did not make the break down.
had a great spring sale.
we had a suburban art crawl.
artists of lake minnetonka.
a group of women organized it, asked me to
be with them for `my name value`.
i did it to get new names for my 50 mile radius.
i had been neglecting it. you know, shoemakers
shoes. practice what you preach.

so, did the committee meetings....did what i was
told. got yard and road signs, local papers covered it.
nice two days..clear and sunny. had big crowds.
50 great new names...and sold 200+pots. smiled a great

i have gone to local garage sales and left my card, got
a dozen names for my mailing list. sort of joshed them.
`i come to your garage sale and buy stuff, you come to my
studio and buy stuff. they gladly fill out a paper with their
name and know, folks within six blocks. they
do not know i am so close to them.

i am really working the idea that i make great hand made
gifts. wedding, anniversary...i am far better then macy's...and
less expensive. and close to their homes. just drop any time.
leave a check. so.
as i say. the best customers live a few miles away.
they call, come by,buy.

the city wants to limit garage alderman stopped and
said `we discussed that you are not doing garage sales, and do
not make a habit of being a nuisances. so, that was nice. he wanted
to let me know that i have a dignified sale now and then, and do
not advertise or put up signs. invite only. so that was good too.
(he has collected about 150 of my pots, so he is a collector.) nice
to have at the city council...
so..good sale....nice time...and good for business in the long haul.

from minnetonka:
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