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the months of olympics and safety trip to china

updated tue 29 apr 08


Guangzhen Zhou on mon 28 apr 08

Due to the upcoming potential security issues of the Olympics in China,
the visa application policies, security checks and airline luggage
policies have been changed. The Beijing Police Department has launched the
slogan =93Safe Olympic China=94 for several months. (May to October 2008)

Chinese Visa Application
From May to October 2008, the Chinese visa application process will be
different: Maybe, no more multi-entries visa will be granted. To avoid the
application denial, all applicators may need to prepare the following
documents: Airline tickets, itinerary, hotel reservations and possibly a
letter of invitation (or provide the information of your friends or
relatives in China).
Also, apply your Chinese visa within three months only from your departure

Traveling in China during =93Safe Olympic=94
Due to the =93Safe Olympic China=94 months (May to October 2008), some of th=
foreigners may encounter a safety check by the local police force,
especially in Beijing. If anyone plans to visit China during that time,
please carry your passport, hotel address and itinerary all the time after
you have arrived in China.

There is a new policy for carry on luggage for the domestic airlines in
Beginning on May 1st 2008, all Chinese domestic airlines will limit
passengers of business classes and economy classes to one carry on luggage
no heavier than 11 pounds. The sizes of the carry on luggage will be
limited to 20 x 40 x 55 centimeters (about 8=94 x 15 =BE=94 21 =BD=94). Any
oversize or overweight luggage will be checked in and will cost an extra
fee. The check-in luggage is remained in same: one luggage at 50 pounds or
less per passenger.

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