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electric kiln rebuild

updated mon 22 feb 10


Janet Moe on fri 25 apr 08

When I moved I took my electric kiln all apart and packed it in boxes. I knew I'd be moving at least twice and had nowhere to keep it. Besides I had been wanting to rebuild it anyways so this would force me to. Now the time has come.

One of my questions is how to reattach the control box. Previously it was just screwed through the jacket and into the soft brick. Needless to say after many element changes the screws no longer held it very well. It always seemed to be awkward to work in there as it only pulled a few inches away. Now I suppose I can replace the wires with slightly longer ones so I can pull it further away. I am also thinking of putting strips of heavy stainless steel between the bricks and jacket to screw into.

Has anyone reattached their control box and found some way that works better? I know that I read this on clayart many years ago but just can't find it in the archives.

Another thing, is there a better way to connect the jacket. Mine had rivets and strips with screw tighteners. The rivets seem to rust out eventually.

Always love to hear new ideas here. Thanks in advance.

Janet, on Vancouver Island, madly searching for things in piles of boxes and can't wait to move into the new studio!!

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shane mickey on sun 21 feb 10

paulI don't know about rebuilding an electric kiln, by the time you buy the=
elements, your time, hmmmm seems better to just buy a new one, or look for =
good used one. that said:a carbide router bit will ware out, you may get a=
l the notches cut, but i am not sure. would you disassemble these rings fir=
t? or do it while they are still together? if apart you may want to use a w=
t brick saw and set up a jig to notch the brick, would be fairly neat as op=
osed to a router. all in all it sounds like a fun project but a time consum=
ng one. good luckshane mickeykiln design services=3DC2=3DA0http://www.shane=

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