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updated wed 23 apr 08


Peter Coates on tue 22 apr 08

Hey All

There is a bunch of good work in this show... it is one of my
favorites... every one should
check it out... i like how they archive past shows.

I told someone once that they should take all there rejection letters
and post them on their studio walls. So I thought i'd give it a try.
I entered my first show..SFPN... I kept asking my wife did i get my
rejection letter yet... every day nothing. The other day it came in a
plastic bag in shreds, the only reason it came to me is because i had
put my address for the return address, so it arrived as
undeliverable. I couldn't even read it, oh well.

Well it is a hobby for the financially endowed to cover studio walls
with rejection letters, but it was a cute thought. People usually
don't like my work much, if only the entry fee was free.

You can view my rejected pots at

Oklahoma City