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tony's bad firing ( and the water column 'god' )

updated thu 10 apr 08


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 9 apr 08

Hi Mel, all...

...all kidding aside...

If one wanted to do so, how difficult would it be to make a simple Water
Column Sight-Gauge for measuring-monitoring 'low' ranges of Gas pressures?

I would imagine, any 'clear' Polycarbonate or Glass tubing, bent or added to
with something so as to have a 'trap', felt-pen or other inscribed with
empirically arrived at callibrations...would not be hard to make at
all...and would last forever, and would have nothing to 'fail' about
it...and, could be done for about a 'dollar' in parts.





l v

----- Original Message -----
From: "mel jacobson"

>i will send tony a wonderful new
> kiln god.
> i am sure that his old kiln god has worn
> out.
> firing is all about kiln gods...not technology.
> what do ron and john know about firing?
> kiln gods.
> why would a guy with a ph.d. like john hesselbreth.
> years in one of the nations leading research
> labs. god john...kiln gods.
> so, if we could all just send along a kiln god to
> tony...i think things will be alright.
> then tony could say...`my god, my kiln fires like a god...`
> or, was `that god damn kiln`.
> mel
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