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re :kiln firing costs

updated thu 17 apr 08


Eleanor Arkowitz on wed 16 apr 08

etta: here is how i figure my electric cost for a kiln that uses 10,6 kilowatts. you should remember that the kiln is not on high all the time that you are firing. someone here on clayart said that a kiln going to ^6 uses 90 kwh while a kiln going to ^10 uses 115kwh and a bisque uses approximately 60 Kwh' .use those figures to work out cost and i think you will get a lower figure than your original. for example in a ^6 glaze it is 90 x cost per kilowatt hour. in my case it is 0.14 per kwh so it is 90(0.14)= $12.6 per ^6 firing. hope this helps you