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national ceramic competition -garth clark

updated sat 19 apr 08


Dale Neese on fri 18 apr 08

Hello ClayArters,
I am in San Angelo attending Ceramic Weekend and the 17th National Ceramics Competition at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art. I am fortunate to have a piece selected for the exhibition of 130 works from 1325 entries. Today was the Symposium part of the weekend at San Angelo State University with featured ceramic artist Jack Earl of Ohio. Jack will also conduct a clay workshop tomorrowat the Chicken Farm Art Center. There was a lively selected artist reception that was entirely over the top last night at the Cactus Hotel. At probably 10 stories the tallest building in San Angelo. One announcement was the hit of the evening. John and Darlene Williams owners of Trinity Ceramic Supply in Dallas started an endowment with the museum of Art for the future continuance of the National Ceramic Competition. Their gift of $250,000 is a great gesture to the Museum, Ceramics in Texas and ceramics in the United States. Thank you John and Darlene!
Also in attendance at the party last evening and for the entire weekend are Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio who informally spoke and answered questions at the symposium this afternoon. Garth is aware of the ClayArt list and expressed his feelings about the messages posted. I will be able to tell more later since it is near time to attend the Exhibition Opening this evening. This annual event is so much fun to attend! So stay tuned.
Dale Tex