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low fire clay body outdoor mural

updated tue 15 apr 08


gayle bair on mon 14 apr 08

Ceramics Arts Daily
just ran an article about weather proofing for an outdoor tile
The clay body used was Red Earthenware Clay ^06-02
Absorption: 5.3% at C/06, 1% at C/02 see:
The installation is in Brooklyn NY.... land of hot summers & bitter
cold winters.
I'm just curious because this is lowfire and unless my memory fails me
discussions on Clayart re murals discourage using low fire claybodies
outdoor use.
The absorption rate is only 1% but is it vitrified and will it really
hold up to
repeated weather conditions like high fire clay bodies?
Someone set me straight please.
Gayle Bair
Tucson AZ
Bainbridge Island WA