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eutectic slips and raku

updated thu 20 nov 97


Arkham on wed 19 nov 97

hello muddy muds-

once again i call on the wisdom of the masses... (he he) and must thank all for
the input even before i ask... but here goes. i picked up a harvey sadow book
the other day in a used bookstore and was thumbing through it, when in the
captions i noticed something ive not seen before (in this written form
anyway.) the description of the pots said some thing like this... 'bla bla
bla 14"x14" copper matt glaze and EUTECTIC slips' well i went through a ton
of books and nevr found mention of eutectic slips, so i did what i had to and
opened a dictionary.... (like that helped) and looked up eutectic. this
explained a little but now the question... can anyone give me a formula
example? is it just a slip with an oxide? how is it best used? just the
basics... i can experiment with the rest... (for i love scaring my neighbors
to death in the middle of the night as i fire) any way i hesitate to send
this after reading mr branfmans last reply a few posting back (please go easy
on me steve, i have your book and am short of reduction
material........................... (i would never))... any way i hope i
dont sound like the idiot i feel... TIA

thinking ill go fishing,