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wake up, canada! there is no free lunch! ( appearently,

updated wed 9 apr 08


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 8 apr 08

got to be about Shotguns, and...)

Hi John, Lee, Tony, all...

For me, Shot Gun wise, it would never be anything other than a '97
Winchester, 'Trench Gun' or 'Riot Length', in 12 Ga. of course...for several
reasons, and
'slam firing' from the hip, is one.

Hard to beat for
any close-quarters situations...

But never for other than managing the behavior of unpleasant people.

Trap and Skeet are fun, and good to have the skill with for any conditions
where one may be dealing with
'moving' Targets within range.

Skeet or Trap 'from-the-hip', all the better...

Bird wise, endless Waterfowl or other casual grazers who would seek small
fallen 'green' or 'seasoned' Seeds, and who also seek small rocks as 'grit',
become poisoned by
accidentally eating Lead pellets from Shotgun Hunters prior shots.

Even one pellet can sicken or kill them, slowly, being usually retained in
their Gizzards where infection, abscess, or other problems will occur. Steel
pellets similarly sicken and kill them, even if
without the Metal Toxicity issues being the same.

Gizzards do not like to
pass anything not masticated into fine-grained mush, so Metal of any kind
tends to make
bad problems if eaten by Birds since it will not pass as it would in
Mammal's digestive systems.

So, for every Bird a Shotgun 'hunter' shoots, there are usually more who
will die slowly in the unassayed aftermath both from actually being wounded
but flying on in adrenalin, to die of injury directly, or from infection or
haemorrhage or abscess or by being 'grounded' by any of these to die of
predations they can no longer escape well as those Grazers of
whatever Species later, who inadvertently eat the spent pellets that fell to
the ground or Water's edges.



l v

----- Original Message -----
From: "John Rodgers"

> Lee,
> I too, love a good fable - the tortoise and the hare, the scorpion and
> the frog, the ant and the grasshopper, to name a few.
> It sad to learn of Charlton Heston's passing. He was a good man.
> In my hunting years I have used many fine firearms to hunt ,turkey, dove
> and quail, ptarmigan and spruce grouse, along with deer, moose and bear.
> Except for the moose and bear - which need a rifle for hunting - I
> always used a shotgun of one make and model or another. Of all the
> latter, I found that I liked a Mossberg pump shotgun with a modified
> choke, best. For geese, I liked the pump with a goose barrel chambered
> for a three-inch shell.
> Regards,
> John Rodgers
> Chelsea, AL