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^7 glazes

updated fri 21 nov 97


LAWRENCE CORFF on wed 19 nov 97

Help! Does anyone have tried and tested ^7 glazes they are
willing to share? I use the university electric kiln. The shut-off
switch is set with ^9. I have mixed and tested several tiles with no
success. What are reliable sources for glazes?

My appreciation in advance for any help. The university e-mail
cannot handle the daily Clayart postings. Please send e-mail direct if
at all possible. Thank You!

Lawrence Corff in Edmond Oklahoma at The University of Oklahoma where
Ceramics I is a blast and a challenge.

KEMPB on thu 20 nov 97

Hi Lawrence,
I posted several hundred tried and tested Cone 6/7
oxidation glazes some time back and they are now in the Clayart
archives. You may have been following the recent thread with the
now infamous Kemp 17 Pink. Well that was one, among many.
So get into the archives.
Brian Kemp. Singapore

Gordon on thu 20 nov 97

" Help! Does anyone have tried and tested ^7 glazes they are
willing to share?"

Here is a glaze I have tested and it is a very nice yellow matt
glaze that breaks brown. Tony has several others in the Ceramics Monthly
article that you might want to try.

7 Oxidation glaze from Tony W.T. Yeh (3/95 CM)
Nickel Buckwheat
2.86 Barium Carbonate
10.48 Talc
17.14 Whiting
47.62 Feldspar
7.62 Kaolin
14.28 Flint
ADD.95 Nickel Oxide
7.62 Red Iron Oxide

You can sub strontium for the barium if you are worried about that.

This is the info I got about the barium substitution and as predicted the
substitution did not make much of a difference in the glaze.

"Consider using strontium carb to sub for barim . a formula i've heard
works is multiply barium amount by 75% or 3/4 to get the amount of
strontium needed. Be sure it is FINE ground the coarse stuff is worthless.
also if its in the mid to low temp range 08--6 consider a barium fritt
Ive used Q257 from ferro for several years now ."
I just bought John Conrad's book today and here is a ^7 glaze from
him which I have not tested.He has nine ^7 glaze recipes.
G254 Translucent Gloss
29.63 Potash feldspar
22.22 Silica
11.11 EPK
7.41 Zinc Oxide
7.41 Titanium Dioxide

Happy glaze testing!

"If things seem under control you are not going fast enough"
Mario Andretti

Kathleen Gordon
Palo Alto,Ca