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how many holes? salt and pepper shakers

updated fri 4 apr 08


Ric Swenson on wed 2 apr 08

Kemper sells a salt and pepper drill tool. The salt side has larger holes =
and pepper small holes. Grains of salt are a bit larger than the finer gr=
ound black pepper.=20
Better to have fewer holes so the person using it has to shake the salt and=
pepper on the food.....not just pour it. =20
I don't know the rule of thumb for others... but for me, I make an "S" with=
8 to 10 holes for the salt and make a "P" , for the pepper shaker, with 7 =
or 8 smaller drill size holes.
A drill bit can be used on the greenware when dry or leatherhard.=20
In humid areas, I sometimes suggest to folks that they put a little rice in=
the salt shaker to keep the humidity keeping the salt from clogging the sh=
Hope this helps. The best way to test for yourself is just make a set and =
use it yourself for a few weeks.
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> Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 21:11:29 -0500> From: ekrieger@TAYLORTEL.NET> Subje=
ct: How many holes> To: CLAYART@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG> > Is there a rule for how=
many holes a salt or pepper shaker is supposed to have. And, which has mor=
e holes, the pepper shaker or the salt shaker? Or is it kind of a uni-sex t=
hing in that the shaker can go either way? Should one label the shakers wit=
h an "S" and a "P". Or, maybe a "M" and a "S" for "more" or "less".> > Any =
ideas. Or, if you know the answer---how do you know?> > Thanks for any impu=
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Lee on thu 3 apr 08

On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 10:04 PM, Ric Swenson w=


I make the MacKenzie/Bauhaus style salt shakers. The
size of the hole in the cone depends upon where the shaker will be
used: my kitchen shakers, which I usually shake into my hand for
measure, have a larger hole. My table shakers have a smaller hole
for shaking directly on to the food.

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