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finlay's color and cennino's craftsman's handbook

updated fri 4 apr 08


Russel Fouts on fri 4 apr 08

>> I want to thank you for mentioning Victoria Finlay's Book. I am
3/4 of the way through the book. What an interesting read. I also
bought the Craftsmans Handbook, by Cennino that she mentions. The
methods used by 15 century artists should prove to be interesting. <<

Many of those 15th century methods are still in use today by artists
who prepare their own materials.

I found Finlay's book in Dublin on holiday a few years ago and
couldn't put it down. I've already read it twice and some parts even more.

Cennino's book is a 'dipping' book. It's a lot to read straight
through but a delight to just open to pages at random.


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