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art criticism related and ot!

updated fri 4 apr 08


William & Susan Schran User on thu 3 apr 08

Been reading the threads regarding Clark and criticism.

Two things:

Been teaching 30 years, tell my students:
"Art's anything you can get away with."

Then I tell them:
"You ain't getting away with anything in this studio."

Anyway, I've had my share of VERY INTERESTING students over the years.

Guy that became a woman while in my classes.
Worked closely with the campus to deal with which restroom he/she should

Very talented young woman, interested in large installations, worked as
my/art program assistant for a while.
Went on to get undergrad degree in video/performance art and a gender
Now getting Master's.
Here's his site and Master's thesis work:

Of course I've had a slew of kids on/off meds - learn something from every
single one of them!


William "Bill" Schran