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apprentice, mfa, studio (story)- now cat food

updated fri 4 apr 08


William & Susan Schran User on thu 3 apr 08

On 4/3/08 4:34 PM, "June Perry" wrote:

> Your cats are probably healthier for that dry food. My best friends father
> is a retired vet and he said that people who fed their dogs and cat canned
> food are what gave him a very successful practice!
> People tend, I think, to feel better giving their animals canned food
> because in their mind it resembles human food; but it is not the healthiest
> choice.

Gee, I heard the direct opposite.

Cats are carnivores.
In the wild they eat small rodents, birds, etc.

They get most of their water/moisture from what they eat.
Most cats in the wild don't drink lots of water.

Most dry cat foods are primarily grains.
Cats in the wild don't generally eat grains/vegetables.

Cats raised on dry foods often live shorter lives, become obese and become
addicted to the dry food.

Last two cats we had, one 18 years old, the other twenty years before their
demise. Fed primarily on wet food.

New cat showed up 2 years ago.
Is addicted to dry food, now only give her 1/4 cup each day.
She eats wet or goes outside and does "carry out".


William "Bill" Schran