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theme show/phoenix - my 2cents

updated mon 31 mar 08


Beth Spindler on sat 29 mar 08


Sounds like everyone is gearing up for next year's conference...not sure if it has been mentioned or suggested, but why not a theme or partial theme about the RISING OF THE PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES..............seems this would tie in very well for raku potters, especially..........and in the city of Phoenix...etc..etc.......yep, my old marketing days are

peeking through....? :)??? It could work!? Had to laugh when I read the one about Kokopelli's privates!! LOL?

Little ole southern me,

Beth in Blue Ridge Mtns Foothills of VA.............spring has sprung.....perhaps Kokopelli too? lol

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From: Vince Pitelka
Sent: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 8:00 pm
Subject: Re: theme show/phoenix

Dear Mel -
I would like to suggest a few alternate themes appropriate to the desert
Southwest for us to consider for the Clayart Room Informal Exhibition. We
can vote on these.

1. The Declining Years of Howard Hughes
2. The Las Vegas Strip at Night
3. The Salt River Project
4. The Seven Cities of Gold
5. The Direct Geographic Juxtaposition of the Fort Pendleton Marine Corps
Base and the San Onofre Nude Beach
6. The Frank Gehry Walt Disney Concert Hall
7. Hollywood Boulevard at 2:00 AM
8. Igneous Outcroppings
9. El Dia de Los Muertes
10. Pancho Villa
11. Deadly Black Scorpions
12. The Colorado River Delta Bone Dry
13. The Baja 500
14. The US-Mexican Border
15. Fajitas
16. Fake Adobe
17. Area 51
18. The Fundamental Financial Realities of Large-Scale Solar Electric
Generation in the Central Mojave Desert
19. Rattlesnakes Moulting
20. A Practical Alternative to Water

- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University;

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