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**possible_spam** ecology and kilns 2

updated sat 29 mar 08


James and Sherron Bowen on fri 28 mar 08

What would be a proper firing schedule for a cone 10 four and a half hour
reduction firing suitable for shinos and celadons?

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> want to say this again, so no one is confused.
> i want to make every kiln in the world fire
> with compete efficiency.
> i want to stamp out 18 hour gas firings with a
> 20 cubic foot kiln, wasting 80 gallons of propane
> and spewing out fumes for hours.
> i want people to save gobs of money firing
> their work.
> i do not care what fuel you use. it does not matter
> to me. but, if you use fuel, use it wisely, with
> maximum efficiency.
> the best way to make money fast in the pottery
> business is cut back on your fuel bill.
> and, it will be good for our world at the same time.
> i do not spew platitudes. i look at the practical situation
> and see how we can make things better.
> if you can get your kiln to fire with veggie oil, corn cobs
> or peat moss, go for it. we will stand and cheer.
> i just fixed a kiln that is 18 cubic feet. flat top from
> kurt and my plans.
> that kiln was firing for 18 hours. the cost was nearly
> 300 dollars. (there was not 150 bucks worth of pots in the kiln.)
> i did this:
> re/made the stack to be tight. (i sat, they mortored the chimney
> with clay.)
> changed the flue from 91 sq inches to 30 sq inches.
> took out the bag wall. (commonly called a heat dam.)
> re/stacked the shelves to stagger.
> turned the gas pressure to 2 lbs. from 12.
> fired the kiln in 4.5 hours. 19 gallons of propane. (rough guess)
> cone 10.
> and these are people that would kill you because you threw
> away a soda can. i fired that kiln for $44.92
> and, remember, they fired the kiln the same way 23 times
> before i got there. the btu's were coming in the kiln and going
> right up the stack.
> i asked if they even looked at my plans.
> they said they had a lot of help from a guy at the jr. college
> that knew kilns.
> yah.
> he changed all the specs.
> he knew alright.
> anyway.
> we save fuel, time, money and then the world is a better place.
> think.
> then build.
> then think,
> then fire.
> we can save a million million btu's if we do it right.
> and, i do not mean 1929 technology.
> and those that fire electric kilns, you can save time and
> money by firing faster, with better ramps.
> it can be done.
> mel
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