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wadding: got it

updated sat 15 mar 08


Kelly Savino on fri 14 mar 08

Thanks, all, for the tips.

I left home yesterday at 3:30 for a crit at 4:30, had a class at 5:30,
bolted early and started glazing at 7:30... I made wads, glued them on
each pot and set them on a dusty cart where they wouldn't stick. When
the cart was loaded, I left Patrick in the studio glazing his pots, and
wheeled it out to the parking lot. I loaded my van like I was hiding
easter eggs: after the boxes were full and the floors covered, I poked
pots in cup holders, nestled them in corners, seatbelted the big ones
into the seats.

Almost all the wads survived the drive to the salt kiln out behind the
sculpture building. I was a little creeped out being out there by my
lonesome after midnight, so I did what I could to make it look like I
had company: I left my van running with the lights on the kiln, and I
took my jacket off and hung it on a tall, thin 100 pound propane tank so
it looked (in the dark) like maybe somebody standing by the kiln.

And then -- not once, but half a dozen times, while loading, I backed
out of the kiln and saw that "person" over my shoulder and had my heart
skip a beat.. lol

Did I mention I was twitchy?

Patrick finished glazing back at Sill hall and wanted supper, drove by
just as I was "fixin" to brick the door. I didn't especially need help
with the project, but I was happy for the bodyguard.

(There was a murder in the dorms at Eastern last year and the
administration was criticised over their failure to make information
available to students. So now, very time there is a mugging, theft or
assault on or near campus, we all get an email. It makes everybody a
little paranoid.)

I finished up just before 3am (it began to drizzle just as I walked to
my car, nice timing) and we headed for Denny's for some hot food before
I drove the hour home. It's somehow significant that we used to work
until 10pm and head for happy hour at the side track bar for chili and
woodchucks... now the bars are long closed by the time we quit for the
night, and we have become regulars at Denny's instead.

14 hours after I left for school, I got home, showered up and crawled in
with Jeff. He was almost ready to get up for work. I would have liked to
sleep in, but this morning it's piano lessons and library (where I am
now) and then the kids have a dissection class in the other end of town.
Tomorrow Jeff and the boys are doing an all day scout conservation
project, so Molly is riding back to school with me to help me fire the
salt. I'll post pix on the blog.

No matter what work I end up doing after I graduate, if I don't have to
drive 100 miles RT to do it, it's gonna be gravy.

Again.. thanks for wadding ideas. Setting those pots in the kiln on hard
little glued-on wads was a piece of cake. I don't know why I didn't do
it for the last wood, where I was hanging upside to perch pots on frozen
wads. This it the second year of firing these kilns and it should have
occurred to me that wads would freeze. I guess it's because I was
experimenting with tumblestacking and some of my Florida seashells.

Sorry so long. I'm a little bleary eyed and suspect I am dreaming this
whole thing.

Kelly in Ohio... where it's 40 degrees, the snow is melting, the
chickens are out exploring the yard, and my kids are asking about the
plant lights and buying garden seeds..