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frozen balls of wadding

updated sat 15 mar 08


shane mickey on fri 14 mar 08

when its cold out i put a ceramic space heater in my kiln,=20
if the kiln is small enough a 100 watt bulb will do the trick.
i leave all pots in the studio until they are ready to go in the kiln,
no prewadding unless done and dried in studio. glueing=20
of course will keep them on the pot but not from freezing
i have also known folks to build a hot box out of their shelving
by putting up plastic sheeting and then putting in a heater. this way
the pots are right by the kiln and ready to go. one more thing
is to have a way to preheat the kiln before loading, like the weed =
you spoke of, then the kiln is always warm and the wads cant freeze
also its so toasty by the kiln too! good luck
shane mickey
kiln building and design services