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crater glaze ^10?

updated tue 18 mar 08


Justin M Smith on fri 14 mar 08

Ok all my reading is saying sil car and ^6 for crater clazes.
I have always worked in ^10, The whole studio is set for that, anyone know
of a good ^10 crater glaze, and if thats not asking enought, how about
a "soft crater" as in that bubbly crater look but not the realy scare
edges....... I have faith in all everyones knowlage someone has the key....
Clovis Adult School

Dale Neese on sun 16 mar 08

I've used Silicon Carbide for cone 10 crater effects in glazes. Careful, a
little Silicon Carbide goes a long way and don't throw your Silicon Carbide
scrap clay in with the good clay.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA

Lois Sharpe on mon 17 mar 08

a little late responding to this, but hope it helps

I have worked with crater glazes for about 6 years now.
cone 10 reduction only.

here's how or at least the basics that I use.

on greenware apply a slip (any slip) with silicon carbide (about 2
cups to a gallon of slip)
bisque as usual.

apply glaze as usual.

test lots of glazes with this, many will give what you want without
doing anything else.
matt glazes work best.

if you want more

start by doing a line blend of .2% to 5% Si Ci to your base glaze


it also helps to add 3-10% titanium to your glazes, I am not sure why
but it seems to keep the craters from being sharp.
adds lots of texture and interest. almost any glaze can be made into a
crater glaze by adding Si Ci and titanium.

you must line blend and test the amount of Si Ci in each glaze. each
will require different amounts. and it depends on the Si Ci
each batch I get is different, it is not standardized.

good luck


Lois Sharpe
Durham NC
Phone 919 489 1715