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australia scam reversing credit card payments?

updated tue 18 mar 08


Roland Beevor on mon 17 mar 08

I (my company at least) have been had in a similar way. If the transaction
is fraudulent the first you will know is that that the credit card payments
have been reversed by the rightful (American in our case) owners of the
credit cards, who have noticed unexpected payments on their accounts, some
months after the transaction.

You can have a special check done on the credit card account to ensure that
it is actually owned by the person whose name and address you are delivering

Roly Beevor

Jeannean Hibbitts

So she could conceivably pay for the shipment by credit card, you could
ship it, she could receive it, and then contact her credit card company and
say there was a problem and please credit her account, at which time they
would debit your account. However, I have no personal experience with this.
But maybe someone else here on Clayart has?

Jeannean Hibbitts
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