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need eyes to find stolen wells cargo van taken from sc potter/artist

updated wed 12 mar 08


Clayart SCtag on mon 10 mar 08

Sometime between Thursday last and Sunday am, our fully loaded Wells
Cargo van was taken from our driveway in Lexington,SC. If you see it on the road
please take the pulling vehicle's plate and description - auto and driver[s]
and tell police.It is reported stolen in Lexington,SC. The sheriff's
department intake person on property crimes was unavailable both times Sunday when
my husband went , so today is the report day.
I am ignorant on how to post a photo here so go to Pottery Basics Group on
Yahoo and look in photos for picture of rear details that are somewhat
unique. I have a couple id marks to add to that if police find it, that are in
the report. I had just leased a warehouse space to move some of my stuff
remaining from a series of home/.studio thefts and had the van loaded to move
in Sunday.
I would be eternally appreciative if this[ese] thief[ves] were apprehended
and my stuff found. The contents were not finished wares/work just the
stuff brushes, tools et all [Griffin Grip and 2 sets of new accessories in bags.]
necessary to make art and pottery and a lot of books and magazines and bound
notebooks and large art pads
Anyway, thank you for reading this and please look at photos if you are on
the road or at events where cargo vans go.

Margaret in SC


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