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glaze calculation website

updated thu 13 mar 08


Mike Barber on tue 11 mar 08

I recently put together a website ( that allows
people to calculate the unity formula from a recipe. It also allows you to
save your recipes and make some of them public. That way when you share a
recipe you also share the formula. Here is an example of a "public":

Anyway, it has some weaknesses:

1) It can be slow. It is in a shared hosting environment so sometimes it's
fast and sometimes it's slow.

2) The materials database is based on what was freely available on the
internet. I hope to keep it updated over time if people use it.

3) It only stores recipes and calculates unity. It doesn't do any of the
advanced features that good commercial software (like GlazeMaster) does.
My hope is that the people who would otherwise use nothing would use it.
By all means, if you're really into glaze calculation you'd be better
served by a customizable commercial software package.

I offer it only as something that you may find useful. If you have
comments it is best to send them to me directly at
I can never get my listserv setting right and I usually end up reading the
posts on This is also why I feel like I know most of you
even though I almost never post.


Donna Kat on wed 12 mar 08

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 11:38:30 -0500, Mike Barber
>recipe you also share the formula. Here is an example of a "public":

Very Nice! I haven't had time to play but it looks wonderful. Donna