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geil shelves- of mice and men ot

updated sun 2 mar 08


John Post on fri 29 feb 08

Whenever I make a major purchase I always put it on my credit card
even though I could pay cash.
The reason is that many credit card companies have a dispute
resolution service.
My wife joined a new health club less than a mile from our home and
paid for a lifetime membership figuring she could walk there
everyday. In less than a week the place went out of business. Since
the membership was on our credit card we contacted their dispute
resolution service and the credit card company ruled in our favor and
gave us a full refund.

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan :: cone 6 glaze website :: :: elementary art website ::

> My shelves were damaged in shipping
> due to poor packaging, there was no damage to the box they were in,
> or the
> pallet the box was tied to. It was entirely their fault - and I was
> told to
> go suck a egg.