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kiln conversion kit from axner

updated sat 1 mar 08


L. P. Skeen on thu 28 feb 08

My bestest friend just bought one of the conversion kits from Axner to
convert an electric kiln to gas. I saw it on their web page and pointed
it out to her for her old electric kiln when she replaced with a bigger
one. The kit consists of what looks like a kiln stand with a burner in
each corner. It came with a template of where to cut the holes in the
bottom of the kiln. Problem is, the thing is 2" smaller than the kiln
on each side. This means that most of the weight of the kiln would be
on the floor and not the walls. Also, I'm concerned that the flame
blasting vertically from the bottom, coming in and hitting the kiln
shelf, would render the bottom shelf unusable b/c of thermal shock
issues. Am I nuts, or shouldn't the frame of this thing be the size of
the kiln she's converting? Am I missing something?

L. P. Skeen, Summerfield NC