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updated sun 16 nov 97


Vince Pitelka on sat 15 nov 97

> With all the talk about the construction of kilns, I need to
> remind you that there are fewer than six persons in the
> United States that really understand the elements of heat
> transfer and kiln design well enough to design a proper
> kiln. None of these persons has written a book, they are all
> too busy working at it to write about it.

Cameron -
Wow. What a misleading and unnecessary statement. Perhaps you should
clarify what kind of kiln you are talking about. The books by Fred Olson
and Nils Lou contain much good information. With the assistance of these
books, combined with personal experience, potters across the country and the
world have built wonderful and efficient kilns. From what I have seen, in
designing and building the sizes and types of kilns we deal with in studio
ceramics, potters do much better than engineers, unless the engineers also
happen to be potters.
- Vince

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