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the sign on your lawn

updated sat 23 feb 08


tony clennell on thu 21 feb 08

As in south of 49 there are rumours of a Canadian federal election
looming. What happens at this time is that we are contacted by the
political parties to put a sign on our lawn. To quote Amy Winehouse I
say "No, no, no!" We are in business and our politics and our business
are separate. It is why I warn people to watch their art politics on
Clayart. I'm not saying be a fence sitter but what you say here is
possibly read by the 2000 members and then they tell 7 others so word
gets out to around 16,000 people. If you say something about Robin
Hopper, Tom Coleman, Jill Lawley, Amy Kline pick anyone you want .
Even though they are not on this list they will get wind of your
I have warned Kelly privately not to promote her show on Clayart. but
what can ya tell a high spirited woman.? I once promoted a kiln
opening before the kiln was fired. The second chamber had a bottom
post give in and the whole load did the domino effect and wiped out
about $10,000 worth of pots. I never announce a show or opening until
the pots are ready for a price tag.
As you get older you recognize your mortality.
All the best,


David Woof on fri 22 feb 08

Good advice Tony, I can expand your figures because the search engines,=20
Google, are sniffing out our postings and chatter for the greater=20
audience of the World Wide Web.
Implications of this include good press yes, but also; and I'm speaking no=
w to the=20
ones who talk with out thinking or factual support, flame each other, and o=
misbehave against norms of decency and etiquette, bad press with your name =
on it that=20
never goes away. Bridges burnt with your signature for all to see. In thi=
s now=20
small world community everything comes back around to pat us on the back or=
bite us.
And worse still, a new form of defamation terrorism, posting slanderous tw=
and lies about someone, or pretending to be that someone, to a forum that t=
googles will pick up and attach to your name when someone googles you.
Our little pub has it's doors and windows open to the street.
Friends, a closing thought, Our Little Pub is also for many, myself include=
d, a continuing education. The Clayart University, And it is truly quite=
universal in thought and=20
scope related to the clay arts. When I was a university student and when I=
taught classes, I expected and welcomed to be challenged, that is the true=
reason for the existence of a university. When we post here, let's keep th=
elevation, don't say it unless we have thought it through and have a defens=
e. =20
And if it is just one's subjective opinion, say so, qualify it as so.
Please notice that many on the list do post this way. I trust and respect t=
hese folks.
Now I will find out if this post also ends up on clayart scrambled into one=
long single=20
paragraph with a jammed up signature like my last ones. There are seven pa=
counting this one.
Climb to the top of the charts!=A0Play the word scramble challenge with sta=
r power.